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FLUIDISED BED CLEANING SYSTEMS - Cleaning of Spinneretes, Spin-Packs.

Dies, Filter Vessels, Extruder Screws, Melt line Hardware etc., Suitable for -PP, PET, PA/Nylon, HDPE, Any Plastic Derivative & Paints.
Custom built sizes (cylindrical or rectangular vessels) & systems configuration, at no extra cost.

Highly efficient cleaning process having excellent heat transfer properties similar to a liquid bath by the application of fluid bed principals for safe cleaning of assembled tooling with no danger of potential damage to the hardware.
Generates no solid waste & is energy efficient. Being indirect heated (by clamp on ceramic band heaters) provides safety against spot burning, etc., leading to total control over combustion process, offering safe & uniform temperature environments.

The uniform grain size alumina oxide media particles- non toxic-non flammable - chemically & physically inert - does not melt or degrade, offer high usable temperature value, reusability over & over again due to infinite life. Minimal operating cost due to low consumables and flexibility to switch-off the system when not in use, making it a low energy & economic operation.
Employees pyrolysis process at a highly controlled rate, decomposes and burns most of the polymer converting it in to off-gas and remaining carbon residue gets converted to Co2 within the bed which is exhausted/sucked out by the blower before the cleaning process is completed.

Complete with Unit mounted control Panel (offer precise temperature control through PID controller and smooth S.S.R. Heater Control), Damper -T, Cyclone Separator, Exhaust Blower, First Charge of specially formulated Cleaning Media & Multi tier Loading Grid.

Optional - High efficiency Water Scrubbers or After Burner Units for exhaust gases & Essential Spares for two years trouble free operation.
Operating Temperature approx 4500 C depending on the polymer.
Utilities - Compressed air supply at 4-8 Kg /Cm2 pressure, free of moisture & oil. 380/400/415/440 V Three Phase, 50/60 Hz Power supply .
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