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Single chamber compact floor models and multi chamber non-cfc water based Ultrasonic Cleaning, rinsing and drying systems

As Industry converts form CFC- based cleaning methods to aqueous and semi-aqueous technologies, we offer the best choice of equipment as well as chemical selection in achieving the required cleaning results for a diversified applications : Cleaning of Disc & Candle Filer Elements, Spinneretes, Intermingling Jets, etc. Standard: 500W, 1000W, 2000W capacity models.

Custom-built Multi-chamber Systems
We supply customer engineered ultrasonic aqueous cleaning - the environmentally acceptable route to improved cleaning quality-with variety of configurations, multi tanks, cold and hot rinsing, high pressure jet spray rinse, spray gun, turbulation, hot air re-circulation and vacuum dryers. Tank sizes and numbers can be custom configured.
We offer wide range in ultrasonic water based cleaning systems. Powerful ultrasonic oscillations produced by a solid state generator are converted into mechanical vibrations by PZT sandwich transducers. These transducers produce intense scrubbing action throughout the liquid which pulls out contaminants from hidden recesses of complicated / intricate assemblies. Ultrasonics and heated aqueous media together accelerate effective chemical action of cleaning media.

AKSONS Ultrasonic Cleaning is the answer to your cleaning needs. Our comprehensive range of standard and special equipment will meet all your every cleaning application requirements.
We also offer Ultrasonic Generators, Tanks, Immersible Transducers and Material Handling Systems to meet your special needs.
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