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Solvent Cleaning Systems

Solvent - Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG). Operating Temperature - 2600 to 2850 C.
Single or Multiple Vessel compact design, open & pressure less systems offering wide operational flexibility for economical solvent utilisation eliminating any risks of pressurised types. Reflux condenser (flanged end detachable, independent of the lid) enables condensation & collection of solvent vapours back in the vesseI. In line back-up condensor enables solvent recovery & optimum solvent utilisation.
Stainless Steel rigid construction - Perforated basket for effective solvent circulation - Multi-tire baskets for small parts can be supplied as per requirements - Drain valve for draining contaminated solvent. - Fixed SS piping for cooling water circulation & solvent vapour line.
Custom built vessel sizes & system configurations at no extra cost.
Systems available in variety of heating (Electrical or hot oil circulation) & cooling method options with solvent circulation pump if desired.
Control Panel facilitates independent operation & programmed control of individual vessel / baths.
Simplified electromagnetic relay based logic control or thr' PLC or PC based software.
Auto logic programmed heating up, soaking in bath & cooling cycles.
PID Temperature control. SSR based smooth heater control.
Built in Safety's - Pressure switch with chemical seal for safety against vapour pressure build up - separate temp controller with sensor for temp over-shoot safety - Automatic emergency cooling facility by-passing / over riding the programmed cycle.
Flexibility of on site & on line selection / setting of temperature values, soaking time selection on digital timer as & when desired.
Effective insulation & soaking in correct temperature range eliminates need to select longer soaking cycle time, compacting overall cycle time. Removal of low boiler contaminants improves the cleaning efficiency.
Twin vessel system
Alkali, Acid, Hot Water & Super heated steam (3500C)
Effectively augments finish cleaning of filters, Spinnerettes etc, when used in conjuction, after primary cleaning in either TEG or Super Heated Steam Cleaning Systems ( pure steam application in inert gas blancketing to avoid oxidation) for gross polymer contaminant removal.
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