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Modified special model for staple fibre tow & bulky carpet or heavy industrial yarn applications.
A wider funnel shaped tip is provided for ease in catching or pick up of yarn bulk / yarn ends.
Model : AEC - 1200M    
Denier Range peed
15,000 to 20,000 Dtex
Air Connection
3/4” Valve
Suction Pipe
12.5 mm I/D
Air Pressure
9 to 15 kg/Cm2
Inlet Pipe
20 mm I/D Hose
Outlet (Waste) Pipe
30 mm I/D Hose
SPECIAL MODELS with truly majestic performance. Aspirator (Yarn Suction) Guns for customized applications.
Specially made for spinning applications requiring high suction power such as - staple fibre, advanced craft winders, ultra high speed spinning & winding - stringing up bulky multi filament yarn & heavy industrial yarns, BCF, mono filament yarns of heavy denier, etc.
Creates excellent yarn tension & necessary spin due to specially configured internals. As such they will not be ideal or suitable for low speed spinning applications.
Its funnel shaped metallic suction nozzle ensures total collection of all ends of bulky yarn/staple fibre, very efficiently & effectively. Metallic machined cylindrical suction nozzle also available.
Successfully tested & established for extreme applications, in spinning of multiple end high Bulk yarns & very high operating pressures.
Denier Range : 20,000 Dtex or even more. It is to be noted that many factors & operating conditions like type of polymer, involved bulk, yarn speed, operating pressure at the gun, operators efficiency, etc, greatly influence or limit the performance. Yarn Speed - 4,800 Mtrs/Min.
ULTRA HIGH SPEED Series Modified Special Models
Outlet (Waste) Pipe - 38.1 mm O/D. This increases velocity of air currents within the nozzle resulting in smooth & higher suction performance.
Off-set Adopter for Valve - Facilitates accommodating larger hose, on enlarged waste pipe as above, as required in certain applications.
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