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Doffing Trolley -AC/DC Drives


Hydraulic Powerpack assisted horizontal movement of plastic pusher over spindle for transfering spools/bobbins from trolley to storage / dummy positions.
Non stop forward motion of plastic pusher to dislodge all bobbins at one stroke or inching movement to dislodge one bobbin
at a time. Limit switch operated auto stop in forward & reverse strokes of plastic pusher. Control panel + Forward / reverse / stop push button box. Rear wheels swivel type & front fixed type.

Hydraulic Powerpack assisted vertical lift of spindle.
12 V Battery operated system with charger.
Traction with 12 V battery with charger.
Track guided programmed linear movement to cater more doffing positions.
900 indexing of bobbin spindle.

For your application please confirm :

Capacity : Specify total bobbin load in kgs.
D - Spindle diameter desired w.r.t. paper tube ID (Please specify tube dimensions)
L- Specify spindle working length/ stroke length required depending on no. of bobbins, full bobbin diameter & bobbin length.
Minimum centre height from ground & maximum lift required if opted forHydraulic Powerpack assisted vertical movement.
Changes desired in other dimensions to suit operating conditions your end.
Options desired from above types & capacity depending on total bobbin wt. load.
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