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Air Knife

The Air Knife is a versatile new generation robust design portable electro-pneumatic equipment for variety waste cutting applications viz the synthetic yam / non woven fabric / synthetic film cutting / removal from machines. It uses the principle of 'Non Contact Cutting' for cutting any waste that needs to be removed. As there is no contact between the material being cut, the air knife can be used on almost any machine parts like the hot godgets / rollers - FDY / spin draw applications, positorque unit, ceramic discs, nip rollers, bakelite drums, steel shafts, rollers, bobbins, etc, including many other delicate & inaccessible places where the conventional cutting blades or j-hooks either can not reach or is not recommended to be used considering possible damage to the machine parts due to scratching.
It is easy to use equipment having simplified electronic control using supply of hot compressed air as cutting medium. It can cut through practically all synthetic materials tike POY, LOY, FDY, Textured Yarns, Tyre cord, BCF, Tape yarns, Monofilaments - PP, Nylons, Polyester, HOPE, LPPE, etc, including many other man made synthetic materials, woven / non woven fabric, synthetic films, etc. It reduces the down time of yam waste cutting like lappings on texturing machines. Regular usage of the Air Knife to remove the lappings, not only reduces the downtime of the machine but leads to significant increase in the life of the bearings and moving parts in absence of or rather due to removal of the additional load on the machine of any accumulated waste yarn.
Air Knife Unit : Capacity - 1.8 Kw is a ready to use waste yarn cutting unit requiring 220/230 V AC, 50 Hz single phase electrical & 0.6 to 1 Kg/cm2 air pressure (depending on application ~ 24 to 120 LPM) oil & moisture free compressed air supply connections. *Unit suitable for 110 V AC. 60 Hz, Single phase electrical supply also available.
The complete air knife system is a compacted portable unit consisting of a Pressure Regulator-Supply Valve-Flow control valve, mounted below electronic control & power supply unit, detachable hand held portable cutting torch along with 6 mtrs each - air supply hose & electric cable for connections up to the respective control units. The Hand held cutting torch is just about 0.75 Kg. Being a light, portable & safe handy unit it can be easily moved from place to place for cutting operations wherever required.
Optional : small portable compressor unit with trolley at extra charge.
Its versatile usage make it a vital & high utility product for every yarn / non woven fabric / synthetic film processing industry.
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